Thursday, June 13, 2013

Rape Trees...Drug Cartels and Gang Members...the un-spoken consequences of Amnesty!

First of all I want to say if you have a weak stomach this article is not for you. Certain portions of it are quite graphic....consider yourself forewarned.

To Washington DC we are now debating about "immigration reform". In truth they are discussing amnesty for 11 MILLION illegal aliens. What the politicians are NOT discussing however are the known consequences of amnesty.

While amnesty is being debated women are being beaten, raped, and violated. Often times this takes place in the middle of the desert where they are forced to hang their panties and/or their bras from trees. These trees are known as "Rape Trees". The victims have NO choice. The "Rape Trees" serve as a constant reminder to all men and women of what will happen if anyone talks. Violence, degradation, humility. These are the consequences of an "UN-regulated" or "porous" border.

Scarred for the rest of their lives these women are forced to comply with the sick wishes of "the others". A border without walls is no border at all, and these women are suffering the consequences for it. As for "the others"....THEY are the ones for which amnesty is being discussed!!

Rape Trees are becoming a common sight at the border!

Evidence of MASSIVE number of rapes committed along our porous border!

Because we have this porous border we are facing additional problems. One of which is illegals are also coming here from not only Mexico but other nations as well. They arrive in Mexico knowing they can cross our border from the Mexico side.

Example: Staggering number of Chinese invade USA from Mexico

Then there are the gangs that are invading US soil. They arrive in droves. Ready to do the bidding of the drug cartels and Mexican Mafia.

"Criminal activities have included activities Murder, Assault, Drug trafficking, Racketeering, Motor vehicle theft, Robbery, Extortion, Burglary, Vandalism and Theft they are controlled by the Mexican Mafia, a US prison based gang."

Fact: Muslim Terrorists are crossing the USA/Mexico Border!!

Imagine...our politicians arguing over amnesty for these vile people!!

Gang members...want another reason to close the border?

Rape, drug cartels, gang members and more. These are the consequences of an unregulated border. As long as an insecure border exists then the consequences will too. Their are at this time over 11 MILLION illegals in the USA. Is their any possible way they can all be screened?? Not likely....especially those who are the "Criminal element".

Recently Senator Harry Reid accused the GOP of "poisoning immigration reform with Border Security"....POISONING????

Tell the women who scream NO to rape that border security is poison!! Or the victims of arson, assault, and burglary that border security is POISON!!

Harry Reid says GOP poisoning immigration reform with border security!

Just recently Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu referred to a fence on the border of Mexico as being "dumb". Perhaps Senator Landrieu has never seen a "Rape Tree"....Being able to offer the people of American some "peace of mind" is not is their JOB!

Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu calls border fence dumb!

Before anyone "assumes" that I am a racist.. NO I am not. I was a gardener for 5 years and worked in a warehouse for 20 years. Each day for 25 years I worked with the Hispanics. They for the most part are excellent workers. I happen to be Caucasian and the Hispanics and I get along just fine.

Then you have the jerks at MSNBC who seldom have any idea what they are talking about. Here is on of many examples: Racism accusation supported by NOTHING!! MSNBC contributor Joy Reid asserted that Republicans who oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants are "haters of" and "don't like" Hispanics

Typical Liberal nonsense. Accusations and Rumors. Pisses me off. Now is the time for people of America to speak up!!

People of America speak out! The next victim could be your wife... daughter or girlfriend. Speak up because you care! Speak up because you can! Remember that "Complacency is a sign of acceptance". This is our proud of it.

God Bless America!

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