Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Racism within the Left!

A couple of years ago the Tea Party emerged as a power to be reckoned with. No sooner had they emerged than they were branded as being 'racists'. This ploy has been used repeatedly against anyone who does not agree with the Democratic Party or with the 'tactics' of President Obama. This article will give several examples of what racists the Democratic Party is!

When the honorable Herman Cain was running for office as a Presidential contender it was 'Left-Wing' Gloria Allred who publicly accused him of being unfaithful towards his wife. Not in court....the accusation was made on national television! Later it was Gloria Allred who stated Herman Cain was trying to 'crush women' who come forward. Again Gloria Allred said that on the news...not in court! Racism???
Gloria Allred takes on Herman Cain in Media Circus!
Gloria Allred: Herman Cain trying to 'crush women' who come forward

When the lovely and talented black actress Stacy Dash voiced her support for Mitt Romney as a Presidential Candidate the racist insults poured in! Ms Dash was referred to as a 'indoor slave', 'jigaboo', 'oreo', 'dumb bitch' just to name a few remarks made. Racism?? Yes indeed it is. Was it ever denounced as being wrong by the Democratic Party?? No they turned a blind eye.
Actress Stacy Dash Endorses Romney....Liberals fling RACIST insults!
Disgruntled Democrats attack actress Stacy Dash!

When black Mia Love of Utah announced her candidacy for Congress in Utah the racial insults were not far behind either.
Is Mia Love The New Republican Token Negro?
Sick: Wikipedia entry calls Mia Love ‘dirty, worthless whore’ and ‘House Nigger’

Of course there are also the true died-in-the-wool Hypocrites like 'Celebrity' Alec Badwin.
Alec Baldwin calls Hank Williams Jr. a "broken-down, senile, racist coot"
Alec Baldwin attacks Asian Michelle Malkin
Alec Baldwin goes on racist rant against Post photographer!

The New York Times and Washington Post cannot be held blameless when it comes to the subject of RACISM either!
'Times' and 'WaPo' launch racially-coded attack against Hispanic Sen Ted Cruz!

As much as the Liberals enjoy hurling the accusation of racism they too are not blameless. For example there was the time when Liberal Sen Barbara Boxer accused Hispanic Sen Ted Cruz of McCarthyism!!
Lib Senator Barbara Boxer accuses Hispanic Sen Ted Cruz of McCarthyism

Over-the-hill 'reporter' Candy Crowley had the gall to ask a racially loaded question of her 'panel' about the esteemed black Dr. Ben Carson's speech at the National Prayer Breakfast. Candy Crowley asked her 'panel': "Do you find anything offensive with" referring to a video of the esteemed Doctor. "ANYTHING WRONG WITH"??? Racially loaded!!
Candy Crowley asks Panel if they were offended by conservative Doctor's Prayer Breakfast Speech

Last but not least we have the RACIST Liberal Super PAC known as 'Progress Kentucky' who have said that: Sen. Mitch McConnell's "Chinese" wife is the reason for jobs being sent overseas!! (Mrs McConnell happens to be Taiwanese so they got that wrong too)
Liberal Super PAC: McConnell's 'Chinese' wife reason for jobs shipped overseas
Liberal Super PAC goes after Mitch McConnell's 'Chinese' wife!

It seems that the Left Wing is more than guilty of racism....the Lap-Dog-Media has as usual 'not reported' the news. Also know as a news blackout. Come back to The Right Wing Rag often for real news!

God Bless America!
"Do you find anything offensive with" what the doctor said or did - See more at:

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