Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Misleading of President Armageddon....Obama

This article was brought to my attention earlier. Excellent write-up by The Wall Street Journal. Do you all remember how our President was saying how he "saved GM" and how the stock market was coming back?? I do. In fact Obama carried on about the wonderful job he had been doing. Yet here we have the same man....Pres. Obama carrying on about the "meat cleaver approach" on our economy that the "sequestration process" will cause. All that after acting like he is our Savior! Saved the economy....saved GM...terrorism on the run as well! His claim about sequestration is: "it will jeopardize our military readiness; it will eviscerate job creating investments in education and energy and medical research"

One article from Politico states that: “His enemy is reality. The president created the sequester"....
All the President's fault!

Review and outlook: President Armageddon....Obama
Obama vowed to use VETO to KEEP sequester!

Obama CREATED this he and the Lap-Dog-Media are trying hard to blame it on the Republicans. Obama decided on the cuts in the Military and in it is up to him to do as he said....RESPONSIBILITY...TRANSPARENCY... and ACCOUNTABILITY.

We cannot let the Administration mislead us any longer. Class warfare will no longer work! We the people have been lied to enough! Obama created this mess...let Obama deal with it.

God Bless America!

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  1. The Federal Budget is approx. $3.6 Trillion and the $85 billion in "sequestered cuts" coming up represents less than 3% of overall spending. Hell, my health insurance went up more than that!

    Only half of the 85 billion hits defense, not really all that drastic. The problem is where the cuts are mandated...that is to say, defense has no say in where the cuts are made. I say let the cuts come but let defense decide where. In today's economy, I've had to cut back at least 3%, why can't the government?

    As for the other half, most is to discretionary spending...and that simply means "Pork" to me.

    The Obama Administration is using scare tactics citing cuts in key services that will never come to be. And, the media is towing the line instead of reporting reality!

    What we really ought to be afraid of is inflation that's soon to come because The Fed keeps printing money. When that comes about it's gonna be tough to pay interest on our debt without cuts in key services...but nobody is reporting that!