Saturday, February 2, 2013

Journalism or Media Propoganda??

Remember Walter Cronkite? Or perhaps Connie Chung? Both were good journalists because they both had something in common. They reported the news. They said it the way it was regardless of "Party affiliation". Yeah those were the "Good old days". Now lets fast forward to the present.

Media bias exposed: MSNBC edits Video to push Left-Wing agenda!

MSNBC reviews edited video!

Media condones violence, racism!

When it comes to news it doesn't even have to be the truth...rumors will due just fine with a good shot of racism thrown in for good measure.

Honorable Presidential candidate Herman Cain accused of affair!

Would it be racism to accuse a black person of an affair without proof? Apparently the media didn't think so as they gave plenty of air-time to Gloria Allred while she accused Herman Cain of an affair. Oddly enough if you disagree with President Obama people are often called racists!

Cain Scandal: Enter Gloria Allred...racism anyone??

Recently it was discovered that Sen. Bob Menedez was under investigation for having sex with underage Dominican Republic prostitutes! This makes a person wonder where peolpe like Gloria Allred and the media was all this time!

Sen Bob Menendez under-age prostitutes....does anyone care??

ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and CNN silent over FBI raid tied to Sen Bob Menendez!

Don't the facts and the truth matter anymore??? Apparently not.

Example: Harry Reid said: Mitt Romney didn't pay his taxes for 10 years!
Example: Pro-Obama ad blames Romney for woman's death!
Example: Obama team: Romney committed a felony or lied to voters!
Example: Democrats to Romney 'Stop whining over felony remark!
Example: Obama camp won't disavow ad tying Romney to woman's cancer death!

Just for the record: Romney did pay his taxes. Harry Reid LIED. Media never said a word about that! No Romney was NOT responsible for a woman's death that was another LIE. Again the media never apologized for such a slanderous remark. Lastly no Romney was not responsible for a woman's death of cancer.

More examples of the hypocrisy we face in or nation.

In Tucson Obama urges Americans to new era of civility.

Obama says "people's family are off-limits"

Civility???? What civility? Families "off-limits"??? It would seem the Lap-Dog-Media just does not think that Obama's "Family off-limits" or request for "civility" applied to them! Numerous examples are listed below.

Stephanopoulos to Bachmann: Media plans on investigating your 23 foster children!

Liberal website disgracefully attacks Trig Palin on his third birthday!

Where's the civility? NRA President gets death threats - for his children!

The list is endless of the hypocritical manner in which the media has conducted itself. We have come from Walter Cronkite and Connie Chung to the point of propaganda and Lap-Dog-Media!!

My suggestion is this....pick who you listen to carefully. Your future depends on it. Be informed not manipulated by a hysterical broadcaster. Do your research. Good luck to you all and come back to The Right Wing Rag again!

God Bless America!


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