Sunday, February 10, 2013

Is Democratic Rep Jan Schakowsky a RACIST??

Our nation was delighted to hear the down to earth Dr. Ben Carson give a "down-to-earth talk" to the nation with President Obama and his wife listening. It was clear from the start that the well spoken Doctor was not a man to mince words. Nor did he adhere to the concept of "political correctness".

I for one found his speech to be like a breath of fresh air. There was no "Double-talk"....saying one thing yet meaning another. In fact this seemed to bother Democratic Rep. Jan Schakowsky who decided to slam the Doctor's remarks as "not apporopriate". At this point I want to mention that Doctor Carson happens to be a member of the black community.

So now I ask....If disagreeing with President Obama is "racism" then isn't it true that Rep. Jan Schakowsky committed the horrific act of racism by slamming the kind Doctor?

Democrats slam Dr. Carson for Prayer Breakfast speech...racism??

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