Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Drama Queen Rep. Jan Schakowsky has a "Hillary"!

It seems that staunch liberal "drama queen" Democrat Rep Jan Schakowsky was on an obscure network known as MSNBC recently.  During her interview on The ED Show she made the statement that: "We saw the Republicans, last week, vote [for] spending cuts that would literally take food out of the mouths of hungry babies."

Rep. Schakowsy" GOP Voted to "Take Food Out Of The Mouths" Of Babies

It seems that Rep @JanSchakowsky had a "Hillary". That is to say that Rep Schakowsky "Forgot" her colleagues had voted IN FAVOR of raiding the Food Stamp Fund in order to "Pay back Teachers Union for Supporting Obama - $12 BILLION". It was voted on to RAID the FOOD STAMP Fund!! Now THAT is taking food out of the mouths of babies! So who does Rep Jan Schakowsky point at?? Why the GOP of course. Naive of her and hypocritical at best.

Democrats Starve Children to Pay Back Teacher's Union for Supporting Obama - $12 BILLION!

Teachers union cashes in at expense of food stamp recipients!

While the Liberal Lap-Dog-Media will look the other way here at The Right Wing Rag we do not shy away or cover up the truth. Truth is what "citizen journalists" as Andrew Breitbart once put it, like myself pursue with a vengeance. May the Lap-Dog-Media be damned....this is about the truth!

God Bless America!

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