Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Benghazi Update!

In my opinion too much has happened and too many questions have been left unanswered regarding the Benghazi Benghazi Attack of Sept. 11th. 2012.

To begin with the Benghazi Libya UN Embassy was indeed attacked on Sept 11th. During the attack 4 people were killed. One of the was the United Nations Ambassador Andrew Stevens. Even before his death Ambassador Stevens had described Libya as "volatile and violent" to the State Department.

Before death Ambassador Stevens warned of 'violent'  Libya!

True to Ambassador's Stevens statement, on Sept. 11th. a known day of hostility towards the United States the American Embassy was attacked. During the battle that ensued Ambassador Stevens was raped before his murder according to reports!
Ambassador Stevens Was Raped Before His Murder!

"Ambassador Christopher Stevens pleaded for help from the chief of staff for seven hours, and instead President Obama felt that coming to Las Vegas was more important. Former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods risked his career by disobeying orders to stand down; instead he gave his life. These men were under the direct protection of the White House, and their pleas were ignored."
Below link to article from Las Vegas Review Journal:
Tyrone Woods Navy SEAL gave his life in Benghazi!

After having given his life to protect and save the people at Benghazi the father of Tyrone Woods was approached by VP Joe Biden. Biden looked at the father and said:
Did Your Son always have balls the size of cue-balls??

Not what you say to a grieving father...and above all NOT what you say out of respect!

Why the ATTACK?? What compelled this?? Where was the back-up support?? Especially after the State Department had been alerted?? According to CIA sources President Obama had ordered the military NOT to help Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi!!

CIA says Obama ordered military not to help Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi!

What possible reason could there be for leaving our own people helpless at a time like this??  Well according to the CIA the Benghazi annex had been used as a detention and interrogation site! In fact that 3 Libyan militia members had been held their and may have been the motive for the attack! Furthermore weapons had been transferred from Libya to the Syrian rebels which was against the wishes of the United Nations. A covert operation at best...one which led to the deaths of 4 Americans.
CIA reports that Benghazi annex a detention interrogation site!
Benghazi Embassy used for CIA weapons transfers

After the disaster occurred Lap-Dog Susan Rice was sent out to bury the disastrous event and true to form played "The-Blame-Game". She followed her orders and told the media that the reason for the attack was a MOVIE video! In fact Hillary Clinton and Jar Carney all declared that it was the MOVIE video! To sum it up the White House LIED!
Susan Rice says Benghazi attack was caused bu a YouTube movie video

Now just where was President Obama all this time?? What about any possible survivors?? There were 20-30 of them!
Dereliction of duty: Obama did NOTHING to save American lives in Benghazi---and LIED about it!!
Obama made no phone calls on night of Benghazi attack White House says!
Obama Administration has not named one single survivor of the Benghazi attack!
John McCain: Bring Benghazi survivor to capital Hill .....That was a wish McCain did NOT get from White House!
Benghazi survivors are "gagged" by Federal law! 
New: White house caves...will turn over Benghazi emails!
Surprise! State Department CHANGES story on blast that killed diplomat!

Summary: It appears that the White House has engaged in the covert act of arms smuggling. Another "Iran-Contra affair". Lap-Dog-Media being the loyal boot licking asses that they are will do whatever they can to "make it all go away" for the liberal cause....whatever it might be at this time. As for the survivors of the Benghazi attack....they are 'unavailable'. Just like the movie producer of the alleged YouTube video.

Too many unanswered questions remain....this White House Administration has lied to the American people and hid behind their position of authority. They simply cannot be trusted. We the people of the United States of America deserve better. Remember United we Stand!

God Bless America!

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