Thursday, January 31, 2013

Racism in America

First a little about me. I am a 60 year old male Caucasian born and raised in the USA. My grandfather on my fathers side was in World War 2 and died defending France from the Nazis. My father was on Midway Island as a Marine. I signed up for the war in Viet-Nam was never called over due to a minor case of epilepsy I have. Seizure free 22 years at this time. I graduated from Jr. College and then went to work.

My jobs entailed working at a foundry pouring molten metal, working as a gardener for 5 years, and working in a warehouse for 20 years. Not an easy life but I have always heard you reap what you sow. All this time the issue of racism was the last thing on my mind. You see i was working each day with the Hispanics so to even hear the word racist was disturbing!

When the United States declared itself to be a sovereign nation we wound up in the Revolutionary War with England. We have been at war with each other in the Civil War to overcome slavery. We as a nation have been at war with Japan. We have been at war with Germany. Yet after it all we seem to manage to establish business ties and move forward. Except for one....the war with racism.

Racism or prejudice however you view it is simply wrong. We have come a long way in overcoming it too. Equality is the "name of the game" now. Yet there always seems to be someone who clings to the past in order to incite the people of the present. Bill Clinton made reference to "Jim Crow Laws" which date back to the 1880's!! People who have affiliation to the "Tea Party" are often times deemed as racists!

During the shooting of Trayvon Martin the media went so far as to "edit" a tape which gave the false impression of the shooter being racially motivated!

NBC Lied About George Zimmerman's Racist 911 Call

If the "Media" continues to fan the flames of racism then inevitably they will wind up with no more that "Racial unrest". Is that really what the media wants?? It certainly would seem so. Regarding the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman shooting incident. I have NEVER seen so much bias and effort put into convicting a man before his trial even occurs!!

Race-Baiting Meltdown On CNN.mp4

It became so out of hand that NBC finally issued an apology for editing the Zimmerman tapes!!

NBC apologizes for editing Zimmerman tapes

It truly seems as if the media and people are trying to hold on to racism in order to fan the flames of anger and unrest. Politicians like Maxine Waters, Jesse Jackson, people like Al Sharpton are constantly making reference to racism. This is also true of organizations such as the "New Black Panther Party". When racism truly exists that is one thing. To hold on to racism like a friendship they cannot part with is entirely different however.

If this were not true then why did it take so long for the pictures of George Zimmerman after he was allegedly beaten by Trayvon Martin to emerge?

George Zimmerman bloody nose

Answer is quite simple. Media, politicians, TV personalities all want to hold on to racism! It is up to we the people to refuse to let them manipulate us! Martin Luther King had a dream..."Not to be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." It is up to us to get along and stop being treated like toys by the liberal media!

We have one more war ahead...the war with the media and politicians and TV personalities who cling to racism like an old friend. We need to refuse them. They cannot be allowed to manipulate the people as they have in the past. Racism is no friend of mine and I refuse to allow it to become a part of my life. In 2nd grade I made a Christmas tree Angel. The felt marking pens which were blue and yellow were being used so my angel was black because black people go to Heaven too. I believed it then and still do 60 years later. Now I believe it's time for us as a nation to move ahead.

God Bless America!

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