Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How about those Food Stamps?

Food Stamps?? Yeah that's what I said...food stamps. Also known as Electronic Benefit Transfer cards. EBT cards is what they are called. Food Stamps were created over 70 years ago at the time of this writing. That being said they are not new. What is new is that food stamps or EBT Cards are now being used like a "second currency"!

Food Stamps the New Currency!

Food Stamps or the Food Stamp "Fund" is also a source of temptation for politicians....A "slush fund" for lack of better words. In fact food stamp money has been used to fund...The TEACHERS UNION!
Democrats rob Food Stamps to Pay Teachers

Yet it was none other than Nancy Pelosi who praised the virtues of Food Stamps and UN-employment benefits!
Nancy Pelosi praises Food Stamps

My question is this: When it gets to the point that EBT cards are used in nail salons or for the lottery or in strip clubs then are they working as they should? No...they are not so change is in order.

New EBT identity laws in order
Food Stamps not for playing lottery
USDA encourages Food Stamp parties to increase participation!

Food Stamps do indeed have their place in society. My opinion is they
are to be used for the bare essentials...NOT the lottery and NOT for
strip clubs or getting liquor. Food Stamps seem to be evolving into
another form of welfare and must be stopped before it too gets out of

God Bless America!

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