Thursday, September 18, 2014

ISIS or is The Second Holocaust!

Let's start at the beginning. ISIS mean Islamic States of Iraq and Syria. It was later changed to ISIL which means Islamic States of Iraq and the Levant. (The Levant covers a larger body of land) This organization is founded and based upon what is known as Sharia Law and the writings of the Koran which is the Bible of the Muslim people.

So just as the Christian people have their Bible which they believe in the Muslims have their Koran (Bible) which they too believe in.

This is where the similarities end. Nowhere in the Bible are orders given to slaughter the Koran however these orders are explicit and are being blindly fulfilled.

ISIS emerged from the terrorist group known as al-Qaeda. Later they went out on there own. The leader is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. He has already made the statement "See you guys in New York". This seems to indicate their intent is to to continue growing into the United States!

ISIS Leader: ‘See You in New York’

KORAN commands to KILL infidels:

ISIS tells Iraqi Christians Covert or DIE!

ISIS Beheads American Journalist!

Feds: NY store owner plotted to send jihadists to Syria, kill U.S. troops himself!

ISIS Militants Order Iraqi Females to Undergo Genital MUTILATION!

35 terror training camps now operating INSIDE USA!

Terrorist Training Camps?? Female Genital MUTILATION? Beheadings?? It has been said that Islam is the "Religion of Peace". Their is nothing peaceful about genital mutilation or beheadings. The goal of ISIS is to impose the Islamic religion worldwide. For theirs to be ONLY one religion that being theirs... ISLAM. And ONLY one God that being theirs..Allah. Anyone who does not believe is declared an infidel and to be slaughtered! PEACEFUL Religion???

This is NOT peaceful! The Terrorists have made their disdain for people who are not like them well known! This is nothing more than "Ethnic Cleansing"....this is the Second Holocaust!!

Yes this is indeed the Second Holocaust and the MEDIA is turning a blind eye! This is a "Holy War" for the Jihadists or "warriors" of Allah as they call themselves.

We need to speak up! These are NOT Peaceful circumstances we are facing. We the people need to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. We need to make our voices heard. Let DC know enough is enough.

God Bless America!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Racism...Slavery and the Media!

I am fed-up! Had enough....I may get in trouble for this but here goes. I keep hearing about "RACISM". It is ugly and wrong indeed. Yet all too often it is used as an excuse for failure. Life is tough enough. Using racism as an excuse only makes life even harder.

Few people are aware how many WHITE people DIED FIGHTING SLAVERY. That number is 360,222 from the North. Yeah over 300,000 WHITE people DIED FIGHTING SLAVERY. It was called the 'Civil War'....I have attached an article which will cover that and verify it. We America went to war and bombed Japan. Now we do business with them. America went to war with Germany...we won and now do business with them too.

Why is it after over 150 YEARS I feel like what happened in the Civil War was for naught??? Were all those lives lost worth it?? NOBODY pays respect to the people who DIED because they OPPOSED slavery/racism! No matter how hard a person tries it seems the Libtard media cannot help but "incite" racial unrest.

A true story about racism.....When I was a child I was in 2nd grade. At around Christmas the teachers told us as a class to make "Christmas Angels". This was done by putting a paper cone around a wooden spoon and adding wings to it. The large section of the wooden spoon was the angel face. Then just add wings and you have an angel. The kids were busy using the 'yellow and blue' felt marking pens for the angels blonde hair and blue eyes. So I simply made my angel face black. The uproar this caused was incredible! Half the kids said 'black people don't go to Heaven'....the rest of us said 'well then where do they go'???....The teachers did the diplomatic thing and very promptly called a recess. Never had they seen such a thing. Now I ask myself....where did those kids develop that attitude?

Want respect? Go out and get to work! Stop using racism as an excuse for failure. MY PEOPLE DIED for the blacks! If you WANT RESPECT then here is a suggestion....treat others WITH respect. I learned early on as a child that treating others respectfully will more often than not will result in others respecting you.

Statistics about the Civil War!

God Bless America!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Commentary: The Missouri Riots...Zimmerman Trial and the Media

The Missouri Riots...My opinion: 

In my opinion the Missouri riots are another Zimmerman trial waiting to happen. The media is desperately searching for a 'story' they can sink their 'politically correct' teeth into! RACISM...Riots. That is what the media really wants!

The 'Media' has NOT reported the beheadings of Christians and Jews in Iraq by ISIS and Hamas. The 'media' has NOT reported the news about the Marine who has been in jail in Mexico since last March! They have not covered the "Knock-Out Attacks". The media has not covered the news since George Zimmerman was acquitted of murder in Florida....

Now the media wants to redeem itself. So here we have a shooting. And the media has jumped that story like a gay man in heat! Reverend Al Sharpton was there along with the Black Panthers. Eric Holder is on his way to "assist" and "report" to President Obama. I would not be surprised to see Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters and Shelia Jackson Lee shrieking "racism" in the near future. The media no longer needs facts. They are there to strike a match to a powder keg and see what happens..... News? No. Sensationalizing?? Yes.

That is where the 'media' is....Sensationalizing the news and the facts be damned! Time for the people to call the stations and let them know we are not fools we want NEWS....NOT gossip....NOT rumors. FACTS and ACCURATE NEWS is what enables us to form our opinions. When the media FAILS at producing facts and news we can only conclude the media itself has FAILED!

God Bless America!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Are the Massive Mexico Border Crossings Orchestrated?? We report You Decide!

In the past we have heard various reports about the extensive border crossings which are occurring at the Southern Border. I am a third generation native born Californian. I have spent 26 YEARS of my life working with the Hispanics. Worked at a foundry pouring molten metal approx a year. Then as a gardener in landscaping for 5 years. After that 20 years in a warehouse. Each time I was working with the Hispanics each day. Anyone portraying me as a "racist" or "bigot" is a liar. Period.

To continue. With all my experience I can honestly say the Borders are NOT secure. The question is WHY the "sudden" influx?? The truth is it is NOT "sudden". In fact it has all been prearranged.

Fact: In JANUARY the US Government began advertising for "resettling escorts" for 65,000 Illegal Alien Children! 

Fact: On July 10th 2014 Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala signed the “The Southern Border Program to Improve Passage".... This bill provides temporary legal status to those in Mexico illegally for the sole purpose of entering the United States!

 Fact: 5 DAYS after the document was signed between Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala Senator Harry Reid called the Border SECURE!!

Fact: Only THREE DAYS after Senator Harry Reid called the border "secure", President Obama PRAISED the Mexico-Guatemala Pact!

Fact: Because of this crisis a violent gang known as MS-13 are now using the border for RECRUITING more Gang Members!

Advertising for "escorts" for "illegal alien children" in January. Passing a bill to give illegals safe passage in Mexico to travel INTO the United States. Meantime Sen. Reid calls the borders "secure". Shortly afterwards Pres. Obama PRAISES the "pact" between Mexico-Guatemala. And then the Gang members.

Secure??? Not in my opinion! When escorts are advertised for in January it is certainly NO "Surprise". Prearranged? Sure does seem like it. Here at The Right Wing Rag....we report you decide!

Speak up and speak out! It is your right!

God Bless America!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What is wrong with Senator Harry Reid????? (And the Media)

Nevada elected an official years ago as Senator. His name is Harry Reid. Now Harry is a bit "odd" shall we say. He appears to be competent at first glance. When reviewing his past however it becomes crystal clear Harry has been in the Nevada sun too long.

In 1993 Senator Harry Reid launched an absolute tirade over what he referred to as "Anchor Babies". You would think after what he said they were the scourge of the earth! Listen to the video below.

In 2012 however the same Senator Reid decided to contradict himself and introduce the "Dream Act"! The Dream Act would increase the number of illegal immigrants and "pave the way to citizenship".

Reid Discusses Nevada DREAMer, Calls on GOP to Help Pass DREAM Act 

Finally recently the SAME Senator Harry Reid has gone so far as to say that the "Borders are secure"!!!

Reid: Southern border is secure!

The truth of the matter is....Senator Harry Reid LIED!! The truth is that the Border of Mexico is being stormed as has become a riot zone!!

Mexicans storm the Southern Border!

Has the media covered it?? No. Has the media at any time pursued Senator Harry Reid and simply asked him to explain the contradictions?? No. The media has done as little as possible. If fact what was once impartial has become "State-Run-Media". That is mass communication run solely by the state. Pitiful isn't it? What was once the "news" has become a "State-Ruled Opinion". Just another form of propaganda.

The politicians will say whatever it takes to stay in power and the media will ride on their coat-tails. If you want Real news....really Right-Wing this is the place for it. The Right Wing Rag!

God Bless America!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

News the Media is NOT Reporting....Why is that??

When I began The Right Wing Rag, it was because I was dis-satisfied with the way the "media" was handling itself. Over the last couple years it has become crystal clear to me that the media is indeed biased! Now I intend on proving it to you.....

The Insecure Border of Mexico: Back in 2010 Homeland Security head Janet Napolitano was testifying that the United States’s southwest border is
“as secure now as it has ever been.” “I say this again as someone who has walked that border,” she said. “I’ve ridden that border. I’ve flown it. I’ve driven it. I know that border I think as well as anyone, and I will tell you it is as secure now as it has ever been.”
Napolitano: U.S.- Mexico Border ‘As Secure Now As It Has Ever Been’

So how is it then that we now have Mexican troops INVADING the Arizona border and SHOOTING American citizens?

Mexican Troops Invading Arizona Border; Shooting American Citizens (Video) 

And why is it that MURDERS, SEX offenders, and Gang Members are crossing the TEXAS border??

Murder Suspects, Sex Offenders, and MS-13 Gangster Caught at Texas Border!

Why is the MEDIA FAILING to report that guards are QUITTING since Dept Homeland Security is ignoring their pleas for help during this INVASION of our borders??

Desperate agents' pleas for help ignored, as DHS bankrolls invasion!

Just recently on June 26th. 2014 a Mexican HELICOPTER crossed the USA border and FIRED on US Border Patrol agents!!

Mexican military chopper crosses the border, shoots at agents!

The Media quite simply is doing what is "Politically Correct"....the MEDIA however is NOT reporting the news! The media favors "Open Borders" so the media IGNORES any problems....

Dr. Kermit Gosnell abortion clinic scandal: He operated abortion clinics and was charged with eight counts of murder....'infantcide' as it is known. He was convicted on 3 charges. The media support for abortion is well known. As a result the "Media" simply did NOT report the arrest, trial, or conviction!

A shameful silence on abortion clinic scandal!
Doctor Kermit Gosnell found guilty of murdering infants in late-term abortions!

And when the Doctor's SON was shot while he committed a "Home Invasion" by a law abiding home-owner, then again the media simply DID NOT report that story either! Seems the media sympathized with the robber!!

Son of Infamous Abortion Doctor Kermit Gosnell Shot by Law-Abiding Gun Owner During Home Invasion!

2 Million Bikers Rally in DC to honor 911 Victims: In 2013 a massive number of bikers decided to honor the victims of the 911 attack which was when the war in Iraq/Afghanistan began....there were approximately 3,000 victims of that attack. TWO MILLION Bikers converged....yet the Media barely even mentioned it!! Was the media upset at President Bush?? Was the media just in a 'bad mood'?? Either way nationwide that event was hardly mentioned....shame on the media!

'2 Million Bikers' Rally Converges on DC for 9/11 Parade!

March 2014 Marine arrested for crossing border of Mexico with legally possessed rifles in vehicle:....he remains in prison NO conviction at the time of this writing!

U.S. Marine arrested for entering Mexico with guns says jail guards beat, bullied him!

Bikers ride to border to protest for Marine's release from Mexican jail!

Once again the media has not mentioned the Marines arrest. Furthermore the media has not mentioned the bikers trying to do something for the Marine! Are the media opposed to Marines? Are they opposed to bikers? Or is it because they are still waiting for President Obama to do something?? So far to date President Obama has done nothing regarding this Marine! It it were not for the internet and Fox News we would not even know the Marine had been arrested! The "Mainstream Media" has largely turned a blind eye to this news!

The 2nd Amendment...Gun Ownership: The Media really does not like that either....unless it is their guns of course. As far as security goes they need that too. Plenty of firepower as well. The average person and the "Right to own and bear arms" is absolutely taboo my media standards. Here are a couple examples.

Conceal Carry Gun Owner Saves Customers in an Alabama Holdup!
That was at an Dollar General store in Dallas County, Alabama. Has the media bothered to cover it? No.

Hero in Las Vegas, Joseph Wilcox lost his life because he tried to get involved and stop a 'gunslinging couple' at a Walmart. During the shooting two cops were murdered. Joseph Wilcox also was murdered. The media barely mentioned him even though the Las Vegas Police Department declared him to be a hero. Why no mention??? It seems Joe was a "concealed-carry" gun owner. He also was legally carrying his firearm at that time when he attempted to get involved. Since the "media" frowns on guns Joseph has not been mentioned!! Shame on the Media!!

Community honors ‘courage and heroism’ of Wal-Mart shooting victim Joseph Wilcox

Can it get any worse?? Sure it can! If the Media can "bury it" then they will in the name of "Political Correctness"! The hell with the news....they can create their own!

Nancy Pelosi personal friend and Democratic Mega-Donor INDICTED for Manslaughter and Fraud!

Heartless Obama Admin puts 1,200 Military Dogs to DEATH!

Hollywood Socialists leaving for Vancouver to save MONEY??? Sony is doing exactly that! Quietly to be sure....but they are moving. Oh yes...they need "tax-breaks" too! Now why do Socialist need "Tax-Breaks" if they believe in "Wealth redistribution" anyway???

Sony Pictures Imageworks to move head office to Vancouver
Danny Glover to lead rally for Hollywood tax breaks!

The Hollywood hypocrites tell us to "live green" from their Private Jets. The Socialist Studios are either moving or asking for "Tax Breaks". Yet the so-called "Media" enables it all by NOT reporting it! Meantime the politicians do as little as possible all the while the "Media" acts like their water-boys! There was a time when the people had a "Right to know". That was the purpose of the media. Now the media is doing there best to keep everything "Politically Correct" and the people UN-informed! Disgusting!! Stand up and speak out America! Enough is enough!

God Bless America!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Commentary...The Browbeating of America

My opinion is a simple one....if a person works hard they can become successful in this country. The MEDIA and Liberals have in the past been attacking the idea of being successful and rich as if it is a crime. Enough is enough!

The MEDIA itself wants to become successful and well paid! Anyone who works hard has that right! Capitalism, Freedom, and Liberty is what made America what it is! Why is it then that the MEDIA is constantly bombarding hard-working Americans with their incessant browbeating??

1. If a person is wealthy and successful that is wrong.
2. If a person is white...that is wrong.
3. If a person is straight....that too is wrong.
4. If a person has served their country they are treated like an inconvenience or neglected.

Oddly enough most of the MEDIA members doing the browbeating ARE, white, straight, and rich!!

"Living Green" is "the in thing". Yet the people who are PREACHING it are usually doing so from their MANSIONS and PRIVATE JETS! Socialism is the future....the MILLIONAIRES and BILLIONAIRES are saying so.

Then their is the important issue of RACISM. I myself do believe it is important to deal with it. Once again the MEDIA has butchered it! Now Oreo Cookies, Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches, Basketball, and Chicago are ALL racist!! (We are being told this by the WHITE MEDIA)

About our military....Recently the USA released 5 known Taliban captives from GITMO. The Deal??? The Taliban would release a captive USA soldier. At face-value it almost seemed palatable. Now it has been revealed that the USA soldier was a DESERTER. He walked away from his post!! Furthermore at least 6 Soldiers DIED looking for him!

The 'Deserters' Father thanked ALLAH from the White House Garden for the safe return of his son!! Not one word was said about the soldiers who lost their lives looking for him! Let's give credit where credit is due!

In the meantime the soldiers who risked everything overseas and need medical treatment are being neglected! So what is the result? Suicide....die from neglect or die at your own hands with dignity. We are being told that bigger Government is better (again by the MEDIA). If bigger is better then why isn't it working for our soldiers??? I don't want to fix it! I want to DISMANTLE it and start over so it DOES work!

If you are not happy with America the solution is simple....leave America. America became great because of what it represented. Freedom, Liberty, and Independence. Don't think for one minute it wants to change because the MEDIA says so. The MEDIA was saying our deficit was too high when George Bush was President. Now that the deficit is even HIGHER the MEDIA does not think it matters. The MEDIA will change depending on what their ratings are and who is in office at the time.

Islam is not great, Sharia Law is not great, the countries who use it are not great.

God is great and so is America. The soldiers who defend our country are also great. My Grandfather died defending France against the Nazis in World War 2, my father was a Marine on Midway Island. I signed up for the Vietnamese War when I graduated from High-School. (Being legally blind kept me out). Freedom and Independence it what it is all about.

God Bless America!